Oblique leather wovens carried out by expert hands.

Intrecci Oblique

Design by Arte&Cuoio

Oblique is a collection of exclusive woven leather baskets, carried out by the expert hands of Arte&Cuoio artisans.

It is a great homage to the Italian manufacturing tradition.

The boxes have an oblique shape and are suitable to contain magazines, blankets and personal objects of small and medium-size. 

The handcraft seam is realized with an exclusive Danish flower thread  that enhances the product and makes it very resistant.


Arte&Cuoio/Prodotti/Home/Intrecci Oblique/Arte&Cuoio-Collection-Home-Intrecci-Grande
Large **
Item D6OBL03
ø 15,7" x h11,8"
Arte&Cuoio/Prodotti/Home/Intrecci Oblique/Arte&Cuoio-Collection-Home-Intrecci-Medio
Medium **
Item D6OBL02
ø 11,8" x h8,7"
Arte&Cuoio/Prodotti/Home/Intrecci Oblique/Arte&Cuoio-Collection-Home-Intrecci-Piccolo
Small *
Item D6OBL01
ø 8,3" x h7,1"

** Only Available in Hard Leather