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Your world signed Arte&Cuoio.
A touch of class and elegance.

Since 1980 the antique and wise manual skill in the production of Tuscan artisans leather has found new expression and creativity in the objects and design of ARTE&CUOIO.

One of a kind Furniture accessories, refined and unrepeatable: Tactile artifacts such as containers, diaries, folders, one off objects, personal, for home and office, literally coming to life between the hands of those who use them, because leather breathes.

The characteristic veining and marks of leather denote pure authenticity and naturalness precisely only of the hides treated with vegetable tanning.

The ARTE&CUOIO products are guaranteed with the seal of the “Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale”, the most traditional and recognized, the only one capable of giving unique versatility to the purpose and uniqueness of the product.

The ARTE&CUOIO object must be lived. 

Each one of its finishing touches tells in this manner its story made up of elegant details and exclusive sobriety, along paths stitched by hand with precious Danish thread and along borders taking shape from the edge trimming of the leather.