leather is our second skin

Leather is our second skin. 


Primo Fiore

"Primo Fiore"

The Best Materials

The great quality of the Arte&Cuoio’ objects originates from the exclusive raw material used in the manufacturing processes: during the production process our craftsmen use exclusively the’First flower’, the most external - and most precious – part of the leather.

The leather is chosen among the best producers from Germany, Holland, France and Switzerland and tanned - according to the ancient tradition - in Tuscany (in the villages located on the hills at the border between Florence and Pisa).

The first treatment, defined as "slow tanning", is performed with tallow (a fat of animal origin) and with tannins extracted from the bark and trunk of chestnuts and mimosa’s trees.
Afterwards the leather is placed in wooden barrels in direct contact with animal fats, then air-dried, refined with natural dyes and, finally, polished with amber stone.
The result is an extremely ductile material that, placed between the expert hands of the Arte&Cuoio’ artisans, will turn into objects with a unique design: objects destined to change in appearance over time, getting better as it happens with good wine...


Refined Workmanship

Tactile Artifacts

Every object of the Arte&Cuoio collections offers a multi-sensorial experience...

During the slow tanning in the barrel the leather absorbs the aromas of the precious walnut solid wood.

The raw cuts on the skin give each object of the Arte&Cuoio collections a unique and unrepeatable surface.

The quality of the leather is finally highlighted by inlays, inserts and intertwining materials that enhance the great craftsmanship of a production between seriality and manufacture.


Absolutely Uniqueness

Uniqueness of imperfection

A sign, a scar, a small vein left by time... These are the legacies of a long and careful work, a sort of signature that makes each product unique.

There is no talk of imperfections, but of absolute uniqueness, because these signs give each object a unique and only DNA.

The perfumes and salts released by the leather over time are the concrete proof of the quality of the leather and of the work process, carried out exclusively with vegetable tanning.