Elegant decorative box in saddle leather.


Design by Enrico Tonucci

1998 is a range of leather boxes, with a calssical design, characterized by well-defined and net lines.

It is made of saddle leather.

The handcraft seam is realized with an exclusive Danish flower thread  that enhances the product and makes it very resistant.

It is available in two different sizes and shapes (rectangular and square).


Box **Items
12,7" x 12,7" x h4,1" Item D6CON13
12,7" x 12,7" x h8,2" Item D6CON14
12,9" x 9,4" x h3,9" Item D6CON23
12,7" x 9,4" x h8" Item D6CON24

Box  **Items
9,6" x  9,6" x h3,7" Item D6CON11
9,6" x  9,6" x h7,2" Item D6CON12
9,6" x  6,1" x h3,7" Item D6CON21
6,1" x  9,6" x h7,2" Item D6CON22
** Only Available in Hard Leather