Boxes with a sinuous shape and a retrò taste.


Design by Arte&Cuoio

1980 is a range of leather boxes, with a nostalgic flavor, that is characterized by soft and sinuous lines.

All the products are made of saddle leather.

They are enhanced by precious hand-sewn seams of fine Danish flower thread and are available in three different shapes and sizes (round, pipe and oval).


Round **Items
 ø 2,3"  x h 1,5" Item D6SCA11
 ø 3,7"  x h 1,7" Item D6SCA12
 ø 4,5"  x h 1,5" Item D6SCA13
 ø 6,4"  x h 2,1" Item D6SCA14
 ø 8,2"  x h 2,5" Item D6SCA15
 ø 10,2" x h 2,9" Item D6SCA16
 ø 11,8" x h 3,3" Item D6SCA17

Tube  **Items
 ø 3,7" x h 4,1" Item D6SCA21
 ø 4,5" x h 4,9" Item D6SCA22
 ø 5,1" x h 5,7" Item D6SCA23
Oval **Items
 ø 4,9" x 3,3" x h1,1" Item D6SCA31
 ø 6,6" x 4,7" x h1,5" Item D6SCA32
 ø 8" x 5,5" x h1,7" Item D6SCA33

Lingot **Items
 ø 8" x 2,7" x h1,3" Item D6SCA41
 ø 9,6" x 3,3" x h1,7" Item D6SCA42
 ø 11,6" x 3,9" x h2,1" Item D6SCA43
** Only Available in Hard Leather